Can I contact key staff after normal business hours?

Yes, clients are provided with after-hours contact numbers.

Are your Service Technicians background checked and drug tested?

Yes, all Service personnel are required to be independently background checked and drug screened.

Can I get quotes online?

We look forward to providing this service in the near future, the TRC client portal will support instant quotes, and multiple pricing programs.

Can I obtain client or organizationally specific reports?

Yes, reporting is easily available… just tell us what you need.

Do your Service Technicians communicate directly with the TRC team from the field using a mobile device?

Yes, Field Service Technicians are able to communicate in real time using the proprietary field service app.

Can you handle last minute requests?

Yes, last minute requests are routinely and easily handled.

Can I call in an order?

Yes, your wish is our command! Therefore, we are flexible to your needs.

Are your Service Technicians in uniforms?

Yes, Service Technicians are in uniform and have a photo ID. They are instructed to show this to both the transferee, as well the Move crew during the introduction.

How do you handle claims?

We have skilled and experienced in-house claims personnel.

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