Piano Assembly & Crating

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Running Onboard Diagnostics

When you need to ship a piano, a few things are going to be needed.

You will certainly need a moving company to help with the physical labour necessary to move the piano out of and into spaces.

Little lesser known is that you should also look for a specialist who can disassemble & prepare the piano before it is to be moved.

Finally, You likely are going to want the piano crated.

When your piano arrives, you’ll also want to have the movers and a specialist involved.

When it Comes to Pianos, Have a Specialist get involved~!

Rare Elton John Limited Edition Signature Series Red Piano



Rare Piano to Come Across

We feel truly honoured to have been selected for the uncrating, assembly, setup and diagnostics of this rare and special piano.

Special thanks to Yamaha Canada and Tom Lee Music for their hands in this one~!

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